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When you make a promise to your customers, it’s vital to keep it. This means having the right systems, processes and procedures to ensure consistent delivery. Only then can you be confident that you’re complying with the relevant codes, requirements, regulations and standards. From health, safety and quality to business continuity, and environmental and social responsibility.
For greater confidence in your operations, you need an end-to-end approach to inspection. One that factors in accountability, consistency and compliance at every stage. AQSCERT inspection services do just that. Services that include infrastructure and construction inspection, installed equipment inspection, factory inspection, hygiene inspection as well as pre- and post-shipment inspection.
We have experience across a wide range of industries. So whatever your business, our experts ensure that all relevant codes, standards and requirements are followed precisely.
Trust us to bring our years of experience in inspection to serve your business better.

Inspection of lifting appliances

Verifications for maintaining the safety and security of the workers who use them

Initial and periodic inspections of hoisting devices comply with the legal requirement provided by the Italian Consolidated Safety Act (Testo Unico Sicurezza).The hoisting equipment to be checked includes: self-propelled trolleys with telescopic arms, self-lifting work platforms on columns, lifts and hoisting yards with vertical cabin/platform.

Legal Framework

The main legal references for this service are:

  • Albanian Legislative Decree No. 312-2010

Audit Procedure

  • First audit: Submit the request to the local INAIL branch office, indicating AQSCERT as an Authorised Body.
    If INAIL does not carry out their verification, from the 46th day the Employer can turn directly to the Authorised Body, who will proceed with the audit.
  • Periodic checks following the first: with the periodicity provided in Albanian Legislative Decree No. 312-2010
  • and at least 30 days prior to the expiration of the relevant term, the Employer must request RINA to carry out a repeat audit without having to submit any other application to their local ASL or ARPA bodies.

How to apply for the first test after commissioning?

The application must be submitted to ISHTI  using the form on the ISHTI site. If you do not receive a reply from ISHTI, after 45 days you can contact one of the Qualified Entities. For periodic reviews after the first, the request can be submitted directly to our team.

In the absence of a response from ISHTI, can I request the first verification by a Qualified Entity even if no ISHTI enrolment number has been issued?

Before submitting your request, you must ask the ISHTI to issue your enrolment number.

How to proceed for non-CE marked machines or those which have not yet had the first periodic check?
For such machines, the competence for the first verification remains exclusively with ISHTI. Subsequent checks may be required from the Qualified Entity.

Periodic lift inspection

Verification in accordance with Directive 2014/33/EU

Owners of lifts installations can benefit from the biennial verification service on all categories of lifts and goods elevators in private service (VKM NR 1056 DT 23.12.2015), so as to ensure:

  • that the parts essential to the safety of the equipment are still safe and efficient
  • that the safety devices are functioning properly
  • that you have met any previous requirements.

The Setting

AQSCERT offers the Prequalification Certification Service (VKM NR 1056 DT 23.12.2015) to the owners of buildings where an elevator is to be installed if, following natural, structural, regulatory or legal constraints of third parties, the use of a derogation on the remaining spaces or the pit areas is indispensable.
With this service, we issue a Certificate attesting the suitability of the alternative measures to be taken.
We also carry out the Extraordinary Verification Service (VKM NR 1056 DT 23.12.2015) in the following cases:

  • negative biennial verification report
  • significant accidents, even if not followed by injury
  • changes made to the lift system, regulated according to VKM NR 1056 DT 23.12.2015

Audit Procedure

  • the lift plant-owning company sends the request for a verification
  • our team performs verifications by the specified expiration date, as specified in the AQSCERT Regulations
  • our team draws up and sends a report on the tests carried out, noting our positive or negative opinion.

Who should apply for a periodic or extraordinary check?
The obligations relating to periodic and extraordinary checks are on the owner or legal representative (e.g. apartment building administrator).

From when does the periodicity of the checks begin?
As of the date of commissioning of the lift, reference is made generally to the date of the Declaration of Conformity.

Electrical plant inspection

Periodic checks of electrical equipment grounding devices

Checks on electrical systems, in accordance with Albanian Legislative Decree Nr. 245, datë 30.3.2016, guaranteeing the health and safety of employees at work, and constant monitoring of the efficiency of plants, equipment, and protection systems.

Legal Framework

The verification of the grounding devices of the electrical systems is a legal obligation on the part of the employer (as is confirmed by Albanian  Legislative Decree No.312. 2010), who has to rely on the services of a Body authorised by the Italian Ministry of Economic Development or ISHTI.

Audit Procedure

  • compilation and submission of the Information Questionnaire, indicating organisational data and type of the plant
  • formulation of the offer and acceptance of the assignment.

The employer must make available to the inspector at least one experienced person (depending on the complexity of the plant) who knows how to guide and assist in a place with potential risks.

Frequency of interventions:

  • 2 years for installations and devices installed on construction sites, premises used for medical use, places of greatest risk in case of fire, explosive environments
  • 5 years for installations and devices installed in environments without special risks

The criteria for calculating the frequency are:

  • new facilities: 2 or 5 years from the date of declaration of conformity;
  • pre-existing facilities: 2 or 5 years from the last check performed by ISHTI, or from the date of complaint regarding the facility.

Verification on pressure equipment

A service in accordance with Albanian Decree No. 312-2010

Periodic checks on pressure equipment are an obligation imposed by Albanian  Legislative Decree No. No. 312-2010 (Consolidated Safety Act), defining the obligations as regards the procedures for inspection requests and the role of authorised public and private entities.

Legal Framework

Checks on pressure equipment are governed of Albanain  Legislative Decree No. 312-2010.

Audit Procedure

  • Compile and submit the verification request form
  • RINA sends a confirmation to the Employer and communicates the name of the technician in chargethe Technician will contact the Employer to agree on the times and details of the inspection.
  • the first check must be made by ISHTI within 45 days of the request, using the form on the ISHTI site. If ISHTI does not intervene, the Employer may then refer to its Qualified Entity of choice.

The periodicity of the tests is specified in Annex VII of the Consolidated Safety Act and depends on the PED risk category to which the equipment belongs, as well depending on the fluid contained or conveyed.


In application of Albanain  Legislative Decree No. 312-2010and its amendments, we have been successfully registered as a Qualified Entity able to provide all the related and complementary services to the audits, in a third-party position and using qualified staff available throughout Italy.

In the absence of a response from ISHTI, can I request the first periodic verification by a Qualified Entity even if no ISHTI enrolment number has been issued?
Before submitting your request, you must ask the ISHTI to issue your enrolment number.

How to proceed for non-CE marked pressure equipment which has not yet had the first periodic check?
The competence for commissioning remains exclusively with ISHTI.