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“AQSCERT want to stand out in the world of international certification in order to contribute to sustainable development in a responsible manner, maintaining a high level of technical and scientific competence and seriousness operating in areas related to Man and the Environment: Agriculture, food, tourism, land, training services to individuals and businesses. ”
The Mission represents the aspiration, the style, and the values​with which it operates AQSCERT.
The aspiration is always to excellence, continuous improvement, to go further and innovate more.
The style is the choice of responsibility toward people and the environment is experienced in providing services that empower organizations to turn towards the consumer, the market, the area, both in the quality of the way it operates.
The distinctive values ​​are those which are drawn from tradition: the competence and seriousness that are in the DNA of AQSCERT. The best professionals, form a team of excellence, always commit substantial shares of profits in research and development, and never accept to lower the level of the quality of their work.

  • – Concentration
  • – Development and internationalization
  • – strengthen and relationships with partners and interested parties
  • – Handling and customer is the ONLY one.